What nbsp:we look for in a candidate


We believe, in this dynamic business environment, one has to be always ready for the unseen. Tomorrow's future leaders would be those who are willing to adapt to different scenarios in the future. Those who embrace the change with open arms will have greater accomplishments in their professional and personal lives. In our industry, things change very quickly and so one needs to adapt to those changes appropriately. 


Leading life without passion does not lead you anywhere. Passion takes you so far in your life that no one is able to keep up with you. Passion also brings tremendous results in whatever you do. Passion makes your life, truly meaningful. We at Singh Aluminiums, have the passion of making best quality cookware. 


We believe in upright honesty about our commitments to our prospects/clients at every stage. And this has got cultivated in us due to following this in our everyday activities. This has become our very own nature in performing our daily activities. We believe sincerity goes a long way in taking a business forward and we do stand by it. 


We like to take full responsibility of our own actions. We do not blame others for our mistakes/failures. Whether the results of our efforts have turned out to be good or bad, we take full responsibility of it. This solves many problems in the business world and has been very fruitful for us, so far in the journey. 


If there is one quality that made possible for any organization or individual to achieve greater heights in their respective domains then it must be perseverance. Persistence determination makes everything possible no matter how difficult the environment, conditions, goal is. We sincerely believe in it and do our best to stay focused to our goal. 


Individuals who are self-motivated do achieve their goals sooner than later. They do not need any external motivation to follow the path which has been laid out for them or tread their own path. This saves a lot of time for the organization and improves the productivity level of the individuals and the team as a whole. 

Current nbsp;Openings

We at Singh Aluminium are always on the lookout for candidates, who value our work culture and strive for the perfection in their respective roles & responsibilities. We are a growing organization and we welcome all the willing candidates to be part of Singh Aluminiums family.

Please mail your updated resumes at info singhaluminiums.com

Make sure you mention the profile/role/designation/domain; you are seeking with us, in the subject line.